A long history

that lives for over a century

With more than a hundred years of history FOC Ciscato Spa is to be considered a steady point both in the market of forging and drop-forging masters. The company dates back to the 19th century: it originates from the spirit of enterprise of Ciscato’s family that, exploiting the energy of the near stream Posina, was able to activate the first water hammer to produce farm tools. From the beginning of the 20th century till the Second World War, the company - still in a handicraft way - has progressively grown, adapting itself to the slow technological and market evolution. During the post-war period FOC Ciscato Spa started a process of modernisation and expansion of its own structures, widening its production range from the agricultural field to the general mechanical one. Since the 1960s it began to supply the Italian Railways, and widened its activity to include the sectors of construction, foodstuffs, petrochemicals, heavy machinery, earth-moving equipment, transport and defence. Now FOC Ciscato Spa is continuously increasing its sales and its production amount, and works with national and international clients, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standard as for the quality.
Company profile

enthusiasm and awareness

FOC Ciscato Spa applies itself actively to improve every aspect of its job, focusing on people, environment, readiness towards clients and aiming to provide high quality products. Enthusiasm for our own job and awareness of a historical tradition are our distinguishing characteristics.
Sales Network

FOC Ciscato is committed worldwide to be near to its customers, our sales network is spread in all continents. FOC has two production sites in Italy, both located in Vicenza area.